The Smartphone Journey: How’d We Get Here?

Over the past 6 years the smartphone market has had an incredible journey, especially considering where it started out.  Did you know that the first wireless call was placed by a truck driver in 1946?  Contrasting that fact, the number of current smartphone users today is rapidly approaching  one hundred million.  Yes, that’s 100,000,000.  And that’s only taking the United States into account!  Smartphones have essentially replaced the need to carry a pen, paper, calendar, Rolodex, thermometer and so much more.  As the saying goes

you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been

,so check out this excellent smartphone infographic by waypharer.  Who knows, maybe in the future smartphones will be able to produce a hologram of ourselves!

(click image to enlarge)


Smart phone Past Present and Future

And there you have it, the smartphone: past, present and future.



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