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Is your phone running out of space to store your music, documents, movies and other items that you’d like to take along with you, no matter where you are?  Would you like to be able to share those same items with your family and friends?  If so, then you should definitely sign up for Dropbox.


Dropbox is a secure online storage service that allows you take all of the aforementioned items with you, no matter where you are.  The great thing about having your items stored in the cloud is that they don’t take any space on your device.   You can download your files whenever you see fit, and it’s free!  You’re immediately given 2 GB of storage space, but you can get an additional 500 MB FREE by signing up right on their website.

500 MB = 100 Pictures that you can store in your Dropbox account so that you’ll never lose those precious memories

Sign up and then download the app for use on your Android device, Windows Phone and iPhone.

[Alert] Speaking of pictures, when you download the app you can choose to enable picture sync, which will automatically upload photos into your Dropbox account so that you don’t lose your pictures if you happen to lose your phone.  Enabling this feature gives you even more free space.  Yes there’s a lot of free going on here 🙂 [/Alert]


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