Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Review: The Edge is Just the Beginning


It’s been years since I’ve used a Samsung phone as my main phone.  You’d have to go all the way back to my Sprint days with Nexus S 4G in order to see me carrying a Samsung device around.  As much as I enjoyed that phone, I could never get over the plastic feel of the device.  It certainly didn’t feel like a phone I paid hundreds of dollars for, nor did the sound coming from it when playing music.  However, after spending over a month with the Galaxy S6 edge+ on AT&T’s network, I can wholeheartedly say that Samsung has overcome those shortcomings.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ surprised me.  I was expecting to be let down at some point throughout my thirty five day stint with the phone.  I waited and waited, but that day never came.  Upon unboxing the Black Sapphire colred device I glanced at the small speaker in the bottom right corner.  Soon I would find out just how mighty that little speaker is.  Not only does the sound emit loudly, but it streams in a manner that keeps the everything very crisp and clean.  The audio compliments an absurdly gorgeous 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED screen (2560 x 1440 pixels).  Looking at the display is reminiscent of being the paint isle of a hardware store.  Every color pops beautifully, like an early taste of Halloween candy for your eyes.  If the colors are too bold for you, there is a setting that enables the toning down of color saturation.  I doubt many people would want to do that though, especially if they want to enjoy viewing pictures they’ve taken in the best way possible.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ wisemanwhite the tech temple

The 16 megapixel camera housed in the edge+ is one of the top three cameras currently available.  Outdoor pictures look extremely detailed and even provides the 8x digital zoom.  Digital zoom allows you to zoom in on a subject while maintaining image clarity, unlike optical zoom that is comes with most other smartphones.  The downside of having such clear images is an increase in image size.  Each image is near 2 MP, and can become even larger should one decide to use raw file formats as opposed to .jpg.  Video can be recorded at an amazing 4K resolution just as the iPhone 6s can (I had to get my little jab in there somewhere).  These high resolutions may cause your 32GB (or 64 GB if you choose) edge+ to fill up quicker than you’d like.  I recommend backing up your images to a cloud service such as Box, Google Photos, Amazon or Dropbox.  If you enjoy taking pictures of your self, the 5 MP wide-angled front camera will suit you and your friends just fine.  I may or may not have taken a selfie and posted in the edge+ picture gallery to give you an idea of how pictures turn out.

Lastly, I can’t leave this review without talking about the reason the phone is named the edge.  Each side of the screen extends to the sides of the phone.  This offers users expanded viewing capabilities while also giving you access to shortcuts.  Swiping from the left or right side of the screen gives you quick access to the people you contact most.  This list of 5 people can be customized to your liking,  with each individual having an assigned color.  If the phone is laying face down and you receive a text from someone on the list, the edge of the phone will glow a corresponding color.

It was very hard to find anything wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.  The 3200 non removable battery got me through the day easily and allowed the phone to be charged wirelessly. The camera takes pictures incredibly quickly and the gorgeous display shows them off well.  On top of it all, the phone never slowed down while running Android 5.1.1.  Ever.  If I had to pick anything to dislike about the phone, it’d have to be the size.  Six inches is a bit much and the glass backing of the phone makes it somewhat hard to hold onto.  Aside from the two personal gripes, I absolutely recommend this phone.

If you’re interested in the software that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ comes with, check out my video review.  The software has some pretty cool features.  Heartbeat sensor anyone?


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