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Easy Ways to Use Huge Smartphones Screen One-Handed

These days phone’s displays are getting larger and longer, enabling us to consume a greater amount of content. What’s not getting larger and longer? Our thumbs. In order to minimize the stress, here are some apps to make your thumb feel like it’s using 3.3 inches of screen instead of stretching across 5.5 inches.

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Breaking Down the Features of Google Maps

The Google Maps app has had some pretty significant changes over the years, especially in terms of the way things are laid out. Some things are hidden, somewhat duplicated and there’s a lot of information to look at. This can be especially troublesome if you’re driving while trying to set up Google Maps. This video will quickly show you where all of the settings are in Google Maps, along with showcasing how it can automatically provide you with relevant information if the right settings are filled in.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Honest Video Review

Previously I provided you with a written review of Samsung’s latest phone in the Galaxy series, the S6 edge+, that explain my thoughts about the device after using it for over a month. If you’re more of a visual type of person then you’ll enjoy this video review much more.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Keyboard Overview: It’s Fantastic!

The previous version was pretty good before, but now its borderline fantastic. Taller keys drastically increase one’s typing accuracy while being accompanied by a pleasant sound with each key press. The auto correction and suggestions combined with the new swipe-to-text implementation makes this keyboard fun to use. If your device is capable of upgrading to the Windows 8.1 developers preview, I highly recommend doing so. It’ll give you that new phone feeling that’ll put a smile on your face every time.

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