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Exclusive Destiny Beta Award This Saturday, From Bungie

Destiny is a massively-multiplayer-online-RPG-first-person-shooter available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. The Beta is only open through Sunday so get your gaming in while you can. A Beta emblem will be provided upon the release of the full game to all participants.

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McDonald’s NFC Racetracks for Kids

NFC, near field communication, has been utilized for quite some time now. Thanks to this technology Android & Windows Phone owners have been able to do some pretty nifty things such as send pictures to others wirelessly; read tags that automatically trigger actions such as turning on WiFi; and even making payments with your phone. The trouble with NFC is that main stream consumers haven’t quite caught yet. Thankfully McDonald’s aims to change that.

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Is Your Smartphone Watching You?

It’s well known that smartphones use location based data in order to communicate important information to the user such as the weather and to keep track of miles ran. However, this data cannot be collected without consent from the user so that one’s privacy does not become violated. Here’s how to view that data, as well as how to disable it.

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Big-Budget Gaming Apps Start Hitting iOS, Starting with XCOM

The announcement that the triple-A strategy game XCOM is making its way to iOS platforms is huge news. Not only does this mean that the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy title is going to appear on all recent iOS devices and expand everyone’s gaming time considerably, but it’s the first time a major console and PC release has been ported over to iOS.

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